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Pam B.
"My kids have their mom back."


Surgery Date: February 2000
Surgery:  Gastric Bypass


My Life Before Bariatric Surgery

I was tired all the time and never had any energy.  I came home from work and sat down.  I didn't want to do anything the rest of the day.  My children really suffered through my overweight years.  I never had enough energy to play with them.  Instead, we watched T.V. because that took the least energy.  I rarely went to their school functions.

While I was heavy, I had NO relationships and that is the way that I wanted it.  I didn't like myself at that point so I knew that no one else would like me either.  I hated my body.  I was very depressed and cried all the time.  I felt that my life was doomed.  My only companion--the only thing that made me feel good--was eating. 

Physically, my back hurt and I had constant heartburn.  Trips to the zoo left me looking for the nearest bench.  I never made it all the way through--I just couldn't walk that far.  And the turnstiles evoked a high level of anxiety--I mean how was I going to get through--sideways, on my tip toes? 

Looking back now, I realize that other people didn't take me seriously or respect me.




Making the Decision

I saw an ad for Barix Clinics on the television.  That impacted me.  I didn't want to get an extender for the seatbelt in my new car.  I was tired of this life.  Although I was really ready for the surgery, it was still scary because I knew that the surgery would be life changing and once I went through it things would never be the same.   

At the initial consultation no one rushed me.  They spent a lot of time to answer my questions and to make sure that this surgery was right for me.  After the consultation, I wanted the surgery more than ever. 

My surgery was approved very quickly.  There were no problems at all. 


Making Success Happen

I am VERY active now.  I love to play tennis and ride bike.  I usually wear my children out now.  Just when I get warmed up, they are too tired.  I am always on the go--can't catch me!  My kids love the new mom. 

I found out that food in NOT my best friend.  I do not need to eat food to make me feel good.  And things that I thought that I needed, like sugar, I no longer need. 


How My Life Has Changed

I am very confident in myself now--nothing holds me back.  I hold my head high.  I feel great and now when I look in the mirror, I like what I see.  

I remarried.  My kids are thrilled to put their arms around me and find that they can touch their fingers.  My relationships have improved.

I have a new job.  Now when people look at me they are smiling at me, not staring. 

I no longer feel the need to stay indoors with the air-conditioning on a hot day--I am out there enjoying life.

Final Thoughts...

This is something that I won't ever regret.  It has changed my life.  I am a totally different person--one that looks at life in a positive light.  

Barix had everything that I needed.  The staff was fantastic.  They knew me by name when I came in for an appointment.  I always felt very informed.


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