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Maria I.
"Here's to new clothes and a better, healthier me."


Surgery Date: March 2010
Surgery:  Gastric Bypass


My Life Before Bariatric Surgery

Having been overweight for 40 years, I thought I’d always be 256 pounds
. I was thin when I was a teenager. Then at 16, I had a baby and got married. Once I started shopping and cooking for a family the weight came on. That and a stay-at-home lifestyle didn’t help. Being in an unhappy marriage I kept eating, sometimes two plates a night. Then slowly but surely my health suffered and I became diabetic, diabetes and obesity run in my family. I also have an under-active thyroid. At the age of 21 I weighed 175. After my second son was born in 1972 I gained 90 pounds. The diabetes got so out of control that I was on 100 units a day, 2 needles per day. This was in addition to 7 diabetes pills per day.



Making the Decision

My blood pressure and cholesterol levels were out of control. Often times I could barely climb the stairs to my bedroom. My doctor and I thought I had a heart condition. Most days I felt terrible and only wanted to sleep all day. I was always tired. I was on so much insulin. I had no energy. All the drugs did not help the diabetes. I decided with the help of my family doctor to have weight loss surgery.

How was your Barix Experience?

Very good, exceptional care. Everything was explained in detail. All the nurses were very caring.


How My Life Has Changed

Since my surgery on March 31, 2010, performed by Dr. Poplawski, I’ve lost 91 pounds. All I can say is that it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I’m no longer taking insulin or diabetes pills, cholesterol or blood pressure pills. The only pills I take are for my thyroid and one drug for my diabetes, which is under control. People  say that I look great and that I look younger than my 61 years. To say that I feel better than I’ve felt in years is putting it mildly. I can dance, and clip my own toenails without a big effort. I went from a size 24 to a size 16. To anyone thinking about making the decision to have a gastric bypass surgery, I would whole-heartedly recommend it.

I’ve changed how I think about food. I’m still diabetic so I buy sugar-free soy milk and rice cakes. I try to eat healthy. I buy ready salads with no dressings. Also the Barix web site has some good recipes, the sugar cookies are great.

I can do things with ease. My two sons are thrilled with my weight loss. My diabetes is under control so I am off most of my diabetes drugs.

In conclusion, what a confidence-builder it is to look and feel so great. Now the fun begins. I’ve donated my fat clothes to charity. I’m determined I’ll never be overweight again.

Here’s to new clothes and a better, healthier me.



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