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Jennifer C.
I feel sexy and proud! Youthful and vibrant! I feel so confidant!”


Surgery Date: September 2010
Surgery: Gastric Bypass


What was life like before your surgery?

I'm a mother of two little ones with a lot of energy and I couldn't keep up. I suffered with severe post-partum depression through each pregnancy as well as afterwards. I had four miscarriages and my doctors never thought I'd be able to carry a baby full-term. But I have two beautiful children to prove differently! However, I still suffered severely from female pain and had a total hysterectomy six months after my daughter was born. Again I fell into a severe depression. My husband of only four years picked up the slack and took care of me and our two young children, my son was three and my daughter was six months old. I never got out of bed. He even hired care takers to come help out when he was at work. If I came out of my room, I usually went straight to the couch unable to move around much due to my weight. I tried to sneak food when no one was looking, but then I even became exhausted from walking from the living room to the kitchen. I would go to sleep early even though I slept much of the day. I took about seven pills for my depression and medical problem each day along with many pain relievers every few hours, like clock work.




What led to your decision to have the surgery?

About eight months after my first child was born, when I was at my highest weight ever, my husband and I decided to meet with a doctor in Columbus, OH to see what my options were. The doctor told me that I couldn't, nor shouldn't have this surgery until I was done having children as I did want one more child. Once my husband and I moved back to Midland, MI we were blessed with our second child, my beautiful daughter. However, I continued to struggle with my weight and all my medical problems. Soon I reached an all-time high of my weight, tipping the scales at 297lbs. We scheduled an appointment to meet with a surgeon in Ypsilanti, MI. To our surprise, the doctor we had met in Ohio had moved up to Michigan! I knew right then and there this was it!

After talking it over with my husband, we felt that the gastric bypass would be the best option for me/us as a family. I knew some dramatic actions had to be taken because I had always said I would start my diet on "Monday" or "next week". I would become inspired by the contestants on the Biggest Loser, but wouldn't ever do anything. Finally I applied for the TV show, but only made it half-way. I knew then that not being chosen for this show I would begin the process to have gastric bypass surgery. It was absolutely the perfect fit for me and my family!


How was your experience with Barix?

Dr. Poplawski was so very compassionate and kind, yet stern with me! He knew what I needed. I know that Dr. Poplawski and his staff will always be close to my heart and they are, and will always be, family to us.

I've truly never known how to eat or knew how to care for my body! The nutritionist was there every step of the way for me! Even if I had what I thought may be a silly question, they always were right there to help me, and never make me feel that anything I asked was stupid or silly. I've had many
medical problems and many surgeries in my life, and I have to say that this was absolutely the best experience I've ever had! From my first consultation, to the classes, to my hospital stay, and through my recovery, I felt I was their only patient! I feel so loved!


How is your life after surgery?

In the beginning, life was very hard to adjust to. But, with the help of my doctors, the nutritionist, family and friends, it became very easy to live life. The weight has just melted off. There were many times I would hit a plateau and wouldn't lose, but staying steadfast at my long term goals, I would continue to lose more and more weight! At my one year appointment I was down 89% of my body weight! I'm so truly proud! I have been off all my medications except my sleep aid since six weeks post-surgery. I'm thinner than I ever was, even in high school! I run and jump and play so much with both my kids they have to keep up with me now! :)) My marriage is better than it has ever been! I don’t want the lights off any more and I allow my husband to see me! I feel sexy and proud! Youthful and vibrant! I feel so confident!



What would you tell someone consider Barix?

Make sure you know this is what you and your family want to do! It’s the biggest life change you'll probably ever have to make, and once you choose this path stick to it and don't wavier! There will be hard times and good times, but you will be more full of life than you've ever been! One major thing to know is that if you truly love yourself, please don’t sabotage what you are trying to accomplish! Remove all the toxic food, people and stuff from your life so you don’t return to this old lifestyle! Yes, it’s possible to return, so please be careful. Know your body, and your limitations, and you, too, can be successful at this process! It has been truly the best choice I have ever made!


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