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Jamie F.
“Barix Clinics changed my life!"


Surgery Date: May 2004
Surgery: Gastric Bypass


What was life like before your surgery? 

My life before I had surgery was full of hurtful words and feelings. People, especially at school, did not want to be friends with me because I was heavy, and didn’t care how it made me feel. I used to come home from school in tears and my mom would hold me and tell me how beautiful I was, even if others didn’t think so. I couldn’t do certain things.  For example, when I tried snow skiing, the boots would not fit my calves. When walking up the stairs I would be out of breath by the time I got to the top. I had to buy my clothes in the big girl shops, which was very depressing. I tried all the diets and exercise programs out there. It was not a very fun time.


What led to your decision to have the surgery?

I sat down with my mother on several occasions to discuss the surgery. I needed her to help me make the decision. I trusted her opinions, especially since she had worked at Barix Clinics for 11 years. We decided together that it would be a good idea, but before she would agree she had me do my research about the procedures that were available. I spoke with numerous acquaintances who worked with my mom and who had had the surgery and they all said, “I wish I would have done it when I was younger.” Altogether it probably took a little over a year to make the final decision to have the procedure. It was a hard decision and a scary one at that--but well worth it.


How is your life after surgery?

The lifestyle change was drastic: changing all eating habits, getting used to smaller portions 6 times a day instead of 3 large meals, not eating sugar and staying away from a lot of fats. My exercising changed. Now I run, and work out on an elliptical that my boyfriend and I own. I also do Pilates, which is very fun. What kept me motivated was knowing that my mother and brother were supporting me in everything I decided to do, and what I wanted to do was become healthy.

My life is wonderful now; I’m healthy, happy and loved by many people. I am better equipped to accept their love for me. I’m more outgoing now than I have ever been. I can just go up to people now and start a conversation—before, I was too shy. I never participated in class or raised my hand because I didn’t want anyone looking at me. Now, I love my college courses and am carrying a 4.0 average. I plan to start the nursing program in the fall. I have a wonderful boyfriend who loves me.


What would you tell someone considering Barix?

I would like to tell people that if you are scared it is normal, but the surgery is so definitely worth it. You will be more happy and healthy than ever. Barix Clinics changed my life! I can never thank you enough!  


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