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Sandra B.


Surgery Date: August 2004
Surgery:  Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass


My Life Before Bariatric Surgery


I led a very sendentary lifestyle and was afraid to engage in any strenuous activity for fear of collapsing.  I had elevated cholesterol, a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and pain in my hips, knees and back.  I was so unhappy with myself.  I felt like such a failure because of my inability to successfully lose weight and keep it off. 

I am a training manager for a medical device company.  I could not walk up a flight of steps and give a lecture because I would be too short of breath.  I was increasingly self-conscious in front of the class.  I dreaded traveling because I did not fit in the airline seats. 

The extra weight was like carrying around a fifth grader everywhere I went. 


Making the Decision

I considered the lap band, but after doing research I recognized that I needed a 'tool' that would help me control the type of food that I ate as well as the volume of food.  As a former operating room nurse I felt that I knew a lot about bariatric surgery, but I did my research anyway.  I looked at several programs and decided that Barix was the program with the most comprehensive patient care including both pre-operative and post-operative support. 
I wanted a program with good aftercare.  The reality of this procedure is that the surgery is the 'easy' part-learning to use your tool successfully is the hard part.  You must be totally committed to changing your relationship with food for this to be successful.  I still attend support groups meetings.  They bring comfort and encouragement towards my continued success. 


Making Success Happen


I lost weight faster than I expected.  I believe that I have tamed my food demons.  I have a much healthier attitude and a more positive approach to food.  I work out 4-6 times a week. 

When I made the decision to have bariatric surgery, I knew that it would mean that I must be willing to make some difficult changes in my life in order to be successful.  Today, I am nearly 3 years post-op.  I have maintained my weight loss and feel that I have been given a new lease on life.  I will turn 50 in a few months and I can say without hesitation that I am in the best shape of my life.  My biggest regret is that I did not have the surgery sooner.


How My Life Has Changed


It is difficult to articulate the profoundly positive impact this surgery and weight loss had on my emotional well-being and self-esteem. 

My weight loss has given me the courage to seek out new opportunities with my employer.  Now I am never embarrassed in front of the class and often receive positive comments about how energetic I am. 

I have so much more confidence and seek out social situations.  I never would have done that before. I tell everyone about my surgery.  I keep a 'before' picture in my workout log and show it to people at the gym all of the time. 



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