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Haith J.
 "I love life.  I love people.  I love myself.  Life is good." 


Surgery Date:  July 1996
Surgery:  Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass


My Life Before Bariatric Surgery

My health was growing increasingly worse month by month.  I was suffering from back pain, knee pain, sleep apnea and shortness of breath during the slightest exertion.   Activities were limited because I was just too heavy.  Simple pleasures like amusement park rides, putting on a bathing suit and horseback riding were not options for me.  Imagine my embarrassment when I was told that there was not a horse large enough to accommodate my weight.   I felt so unattractive that going out to eat with my husband became a burden rather than a joy-it seemed that everyone stared at me.  I even had people ask, “Why is he with you, you are so heavy?”  I felt ashamed of my condition and very misunderstood. 



Making the Decision


I felt very isolated from my friends, family and husband.  The heavier I became, the more depressed I felt.  I hated being trapped inside a fat body.  I knew there was more to life than what I was settling for.  I wanted to stay married.  I loved my husband and wanted to give him a wife that truly loved herself.  I made the decision to change, but I knew that I needed help.  I saw a commercial on TV for Barix Clinics and made the call.  I watched the video that they sent me at least 37 times.  Jennifer, my patient service representative, made the difference for me.  If it wasn’t for her, I don’t know if I would have had the courage to make it to the first consultation. 


My husband was very supportive of my decision to have surgery and has supported me every day since. 



Making Success Happen


I had made a decision to change.  I just didn’t want to be big anymore.  I saw the surgery as a support to decision that I had made.  It enabled me to stay disciplined even when it was difficult.  The surgery helped me to form better habits. 


Biggest Challenges After Surgery


I had to deal with issues that I had in life.  I had to work hard not to go from a fat miserable person to a skinny miserable person. 


I had to relearn how to eat properly.  I had to eat for my health more than for my pleasure.  Eating slowly was the most difficult thing to change.  After ten years, I still have to remind myself to slow down. 



How My Life Has Changed

It has been 10 years since my surgery and I am so thankful for the new life that I have.  I love my new active lifestyle.  I walk, swim, ride horses, anything I want to do.  I am no longer limited by my weight.  I have the energy to try things I thought I could never do.  I have opened three new businesses.  My whole life has changed.  I get along with people because I get along with myself.  I love life.  I love people.  I love myself.  Life is good. 


What Would You Like To Share With Others

You have to be willing to make a change in your life-it is not fair to make other people’s lives miserable because you are miserable.  Having the surgery, making the commitment to a healthy life, choosing healthy foods and exercising are ways that you can let the people that love you know that you love them too.  Being the best that you can be is a gift that you give to those that love you. 


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