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Dina M.
 "I have so much more confidence now!"


Surgery Date: March 2005
Surgery:  Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass


My Life Before Bariatric Surgery

There are so many ways that being obese affects a person's life -- some you don't realize until you have lost the weight.  I used to be the person who did everything for everybody all the time in an effort to get them to like me.  I felt that nobody could possibly like me the way that I looked.  This left no time for me.  I always thought and spoke negatively about myself.  I had to be the one to make fun of my size because I thought it would sting less.  I had to be in control of everything else because I felt that my body size was out of control.  I came to realize that I was living in my comfort zone.  I had no hope of my circumstances ever changing.  I didn't have any major health problems...yet.  With my family history, I knew it was only a matter of time.  I did have insulin resistance and very little energy. 


Making the Decision

I did my research and made an informed decision.  I thought about the adjustable gastric band surgery, but decided that the gastric bypass was right for me.  I chose Barix Clinics because the Barix surgeons and staff are specialized.  I felt that I was thoroughly informed of all my options and every question was answered.  

I am glad that I chose Barix.  My surgery went smoothly-no problems at all.  The hospital was comfortable with all necessary amenities.  They even provide follow-up and nutrition counseling.



Making Success Happen


The weight loss happened faster than I expected.  Food was and is no longer the 'main event' of the day-only a necessity now.  I credit Barix Clinics with my success.  The time since my weight loss surgery has been a learning and growing process-a journey to accepting my new self and truly healing.  It shouldn't have taken weight loss to feel that I am worthy, but it did.  It has been hard to change my opinion of myself, but I am getting there.  I like myself for the first time that I can remember-that's something that everyone should experience. 


How My Life Has Changed

All that extra weight was like carrying the weight of another person on my back.  I went from a size 24 to a size 6-8.  My life has changed in so many wonderful ways.   I have more energy and desire to go out and do various activities.  My self-image and sense of self-worth have soared and  I feel deserving of a meaningful relationship now.  I have so much more confidence in social situations and am likely to strike up a conversation-something that wouldn't have happened at 275 pounds.  Being in better physical shape and a better frame of mind makes me a better mom. 


What Would You Like

To Share With Others

Everyone asks me the 'true test' question:  Would you do it again, knowing what you do now?  And my answer is, "I'd do it again today!"  Don't wait any longer to get your life back! 


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