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Denise W.
“I feel for the first time ever that my life was worth saving.”


Surgery Date: January 2010
Surgery: Gastric Bypass


What was life like before your surgery?

My life for the most part has been wonderful! I had always been the chubby girl and over the past 53 years just learned to live, love, and most of all laugh about it. But as time had gone by, and I became bigger and bigger, the inside laugher stopped. Going to places with family and friends became harder and harder to do and to fit! Some how the seats every where, trains, plains, plays and rides just kept shrinking?


What led to your decision to have the surgery?

On the 4th of July I was taken to the hospital for what we thought was a heart attack. That became the beginning of my wake up call.  

After many, many months of praying and asking for help as to what to do, I went to visit the shrine of St. Catherine Drexel on Bristol Pike. Along the way I found Barix clinic. Go figure. I visit this place many times a year and I feel St. Catharine lead me right to Barix!


How was your experience with Barix?

My experience with Barix Clinic from the time I first walked into the doors, has been nothing more then a dream come true! From the girls that first greet you, to the doctor, to the nurses, and the nutrition teacher, even the girls who make all your appointments are now what I like to think of as family. I love the support meetings, only wish I didn’t live 50+ miles away, but I try to go and now I even stay over night at a near-by hotel just to be with the people who understand you the most!

o try and tell you how very much everyone at Barix means to me and what they have done for me is almost impossible! When I tell you that they all are my life long friends, my family, I can truly say that I mean that from the very bottom of my heart! I still visit all my loving nurses every time I am there. Cathy, crazy Cathy, Anne Sue and everyone I can find, even new patients, just to tell them your old life, even if it was as blessed as mine, is over, and your new life has just begun and live, live, live! Not to mention the place is like a five star hotel! And so very clean and friendly! I truly could go on and on about the care, love, kindness, and support that I received and still now! God has blessed me with finding this clinic and with the wonderful journey I am on the rest of my life. Thank you, Everyone! 


How is your life after surgery?

My life now is oh so wonderful! I can get out of the chairs, cars, and the pool all by myself! I can fit in cars, chairs, and go to the movies and sit in the booth in the dinner! I go to the gym 5 out of 7 days and spend 2 hours in the pool. Then I get out of the pool all by myself! No help, no chairs! Wow!!!

I work in an ele
mentary school. I am the prettiest lunch lady ever (P.L.L.E) (Always have been even at 366lbs). I love the kids and I am blessed that they have always loved me, threw thick and now thin. The funniest part with them is not one, not one, has noticed I’ve lost 180lbs! They all think I’ve gotten taller (LOL), kids! 

I show and share my pictures with them and they don’t remember the other lady. This has been good for me because I never wanted to change me inside, just outside. It has also helped me show them that it’s the inside a persons heart that matters the most, not what you see outside. P.S. I started this journey at 360lbs 5 foot and 8 inches. Right now I am 170lbs but still 5’8”!


What would you tell someone considering Barix?

I think the best thing for anyone to do is to come to the meetings so you can meet us! The after mass if you will! Being with people who are post op will give you a feeling as to what your life will be truly life after you make this change and a big change it is! One of my friends just said to me “well you’re lucky you took the easy way out!” Nothing easy about this change! This is a life long life style change for the better. But truly it’s just a tool in what you need to do to become the best person (just smaller) that you can be. To enjoy what a wonderful life God has blessed you with. I feel for the first time ever that my life was worth saving and I will make a difference for someone else by just being here and being me.


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