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Cindy C.


Surgery Date: August 2009
Surgery: Gastric Bypass


What was life like before your surgery?


My weight was 270 pounds. I had very high choloesterol and blood pressure. I also had diabetes. With my sleep apnea, I stopped breathing 32 times an hour. I was at high risk for a heart attack at the age of 52. My body ached everywhere. Painkillers never helped ease the terrible pain in my joints due to the weight. Going up and down stairs came with terrible pain in both knees and my lower back. I could not do anything that involved kneeling, bending, stepping up, bending over, or lifting.  

I could never hold a steady job due to complications from weight, which made my life financially insecure.

I could not put on shoes, socks, or boots without a struggle. I could not cross my legs.  I could not play with my granddaughter on the floor, or go for very long walks without being short of breath.  

I had to pay a lot of money for bigger clothing that made me look a lot older. I was trying to find my soul mate, and every time I met a guy, I was rejected due to my size. I would cry myself to sleep every night, so unhappy with my weight and looks. My self-esteem was very low. I tried for many years to lose weight and did not succeed.


What led to your decision to have the surgery?

In 2008 my son went on a trip to Mexico and met a girl who told him she had gastric bypass surgery. She used to weigh 350 pounds and now weighs 120!  He was so amazed he had to tell me about it, and said I should have the surgery. I did a lot of research on it, and spoke to my friend Sandra who’d also had the surgery. She used to weigh 500 pounds, and now weighs 200. She told me about Barix Clinics and her surgeon, Dr. Poplawski. So I called for a consultation in April 2009. I was so impressed I decided to go for it.  And I am very glad I did!


How was your experience with Barix?

The staff was awesome! I felt like I was big-time royalty! I asked for 4 pillows and I got 4 pillows. Any time I buzzed for help they came in--every time with a huge smile. They were so respectful. I loved it! I would recommend this place, and have, to many people. 

I got approved within a few short weeks, and my surgery was scheduled for August 2009. On my surgery day I was the fastest walker in the hallways. They nicked- na
med me “Speedy Gonzales.” My son Jim stayed with me in the hospital and took care of me. He made sure I went for my daily walks, brushed my hair, put on my slippers, and things like that.

Dr. Poplawski is an AWESOME surgeon, and I'm very glad I
met him. He not only did my surgery, he also found I had a hernia problem and fixed it. Three days after my surgery I was home and on my way to recovery.


Making Success Happen

My daughter Lisa took care of me, and made sure I was okay after the surgery. She drove me back to Barix for my 2 week check up. Within 6 weeks after my surgery, I started working out at the gym 5 days a week. I started on the treadmill for a half hour at a time and then the elliptical machine. In time I worked my way up to walking on the treadmill for an hour and then the elliptical machine for 45 minutes and weights for 20 minutes at a time

How is your life after surgery?

I went from very unhealthy to healthy.

I went from 270 pounds to 170 within 1 year. I want to get down to 135. It took many years to get to 270, so a year or 2 to take it off is fine, as long as it’s off for good.
 I had very high blood pressure and now it is normal, along with my cholesterol. My sleep apnea has improved. My diabetes is gone. My body does not hurt as much with 100 pounds gone. I can now go up and down stairs with barely any pain.
I can do just about anything I desire now with no more stress and pain in my body.  I am seeing my nutritionist and a nurse once a month. They were so impressed by my huge weight loss that they asked if they could use my results in their classes.

The clothes I buy now are half the price and I love them. I turn heads when I walk by and a lot more men speak to me now. I won a free photo shoot and put the pictures up on a singles site and got asked if I was a model. LOL! Imagine, me a model after weighing 270 pounds!  Before, no man would give me a chance to get asked that and now I get asked that a lot. Maybe soon I will find that true soul mate. And if not, oh well, I am a new happy me now and that’s all that matters.
I could not have done this without this surgery or help from Sandra …thanks, Sandra, love you for this. You and Dr. Pop saved my life.

I also want to thank my son Jim for being there with
me at the hospital, and my daughter Lisa for your help. I love you all so much.


What would you tell someone considering Barix?

Please don’t waste a second on going for this surgery. It’s so well worth it. Trust me. I am one of many who are proving it to you. I am very glad I did it. Meet Dr. Poplawski and all the Barix staff. They are very respectful every time I go there. Keep your chin up. Work hard. Stay in control and keep smiling. You will all succeed like I did.  


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