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Catherine S.
“My life after surgery is fantastic”


Surgery Date: May 2010
Surgery: Gastric Bypass


What was life like before your surgery?

Before surgery I was very tired and did not like to do anything that required much walking or standing. My knees were bad and the left one is artificial, so with all of my weight they ached pretty badly. 

In the summer I was a really cranky person to be around. The hot weather and I did not get along well at all and I would perspire something awful. My head looked like I had just poured water on it because I would perspire so much. I slept during the day quite a lot because I had no energy and basically I was just too fat to really care. I was depressed because of my weight so I did not really care if I went anywhere or not.


What led to your decision to have the surgery?

I was not happy with myself and I had to do something or I would be in big trouble. I just kept gaining weight because I could not exercise to get the weight off. I tried every diet you can think of and none of them worked.

My sister in-law had the same surgery first and I saw what it had done for her. So I decided to go for it since I had nothing to lose except a lot of health problems and weight. I got on my computer and typed in “Barix surgery.”

How was your experience with Barix?

Every person was fantastic; they treated
me like I was all that mattered. I was very well informed about what was going to happen, how my diet would change and how I would have to eat and drink.

All of my care at the clinic was very exceptional. They have a wonderful and caring staff that takes care of the patients before and after surgery.


How is your life after surgery?

My life after surgery is fantastic. I sleep through the night. I have a lot of energy during the day and never take naps anymore. If I do, I can't go to sleep at night. I like shopping for clothes now. I went from a size 18-20 to a size 4 petite—God, I love it!!!!

My health is much better and I got rid of a lot of
medications which definitely saved money. I like working in the yard and staying outside instead of staying in the house.


What would you tell someone considering Barix?

If you want a new you, go for it, but remember a couple of things. First, some of your friends will try to talk you out of it. Do not let them do that to you. Think of yourself first, this is a must. This is your life we are talking about, not anyone else’s. You MUST take care of yourself first.

Second, some of your friends may say things about your weight loss like, “You look like hell,” or “You’re too thin.” REMEMBER they have seen you for so long with a lot of weight on your bones and they aren't ready for you to change. Some people actually think they are losing their friend and you just have to assure them that you are the same person. If you do lose a friend over your weight loss they weren't really a friend anyway. A true friend wants what is best for you. Don't worry about the one or two you MIGHT lose; there are a lot more out there.

This is the best place to have your surgery and I know because I checked out a few different ones. My sister in-law and another friend of mine had theirs elsewhere and both of them have had quite a few problems. I have had none of the problems that they have had. I feel that Barix Clinics is the best because they have done so many of them. I feel the more you do the better you are.


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